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About us

Founded at the beginning of 1991 with a total investment of US $ 2.3 million, Wuxi Dgonghai Forging Co., Ltd is the first Sino-Japanese jonit venture in China’s forging industry. The share of China and Japan is 44% and 56% respectively.
      The company is well-appointed and the tooling advanced. It is equipped with 300-ton,630-ton,1000-ton,1600-ton  2500-ton totally serven friction screw pressing production lines and various necessary accessories for stamp processing, heat treatment and surface treatment. There are also fluorescent magnetic powder defect-detecting devices as well as instruments and meters for chemical composition analysis, microstructure analysis, tensile testing, impact testing, etc. to meet customers’ demands.
      It can forge parts ranging from 0.2kg to 70kg in weight. At present, it mainly produces automotive forgings, forgings for container-lashing, electrical fittings and different types of mechanical engineering forgings. The annual throughput is up to 12000 ton.
      The company assimilated the Japanese experience in mangagement. It puts efficient production idea in force. Since the year 2006, it has recombined the produtction lines which have been equipped with medium-frequency induction furnaces gradually.
      The company has passed attestation from German Lloyd, the Norwegian DNV and the British Lloyd respectively in terms of quality, and TS16949.
      Since the founding of the joint venture, its various kinds of forgings have been in great demand, selling well not only on domestic market, but also on Japanese, American,German and British marktes. It has established long-term cooperation relationship with Caterpillar, NGK, Demag, HYVA as well as other well-known companies in the world by supplying not only good quality but also kind service. Exports account for 70%.

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